Colli Maceratesi “MONTE NERETO”

Technical index

Grapes Varietes Maceratino RIBONA 100%
Production Area contrada Vallenzuolo – Colmurano (MC)
Type of ground Mixture soil
Training system Guyot
Altitude 400m
Number of plants per hectare 4000
Production per hectare in quintals 100
Vinification technique Ultra fast and soft pressing, the fermentation is in controlled temperature tanks at 12°C for all the period to elevate the delicate fragrance of this type of vine.
Ageing About two months in stainless steel vats.
Refining About one months in bottles.
Alc. 12,5% Vol.
Color Crystal clear with pale straw yellow hue and yellow-geen higlights, with good consistency.
Bouquet Good intensity with an olfactory landscape ranging from flowers to fruits, such as acacia, linden, green apple and citrus, to close on mineral notes.
Taste Balanced, intense and persistent, it is of good body.
Serving temperature 10 - 12° C