The winery extends into the inland area of the province of Macerata, about 400 meters above sea level, at a distance of 30 km from the sea, behind the Sibillini mountains. The location of the land is mostly hilly with vineyards exposed to the sun. In this setting, there is also the farm holiday “Villa Le Vigne” family Saputi’s property situated in Contrada Appezzana in Borgo S. Lorenzo Loro Piceno. The area of the company includes various cities such as Loro Piceno, Sant’Angelo in Pontano, San Ginesio and Colmurano.


The wine industry of Saputi’ s family has been founded in the sixties and has always given great care to the antique rural traditions of Marche. After the foundation by Mr Angelo, the grandfather, the farm has been handed on from father to son and nowadays it is its fourth generation. Alvaro, the present owner, helped by his sons Leonardo and Andrea, has the merit to have made Saputi’s name a national and international mark in the eno-gastronomic field.
The philosophy of casa vinicola Saputi well inserts in the context of Colmurano, in fact, it has conjugated tradition and innovation, technology and old knowledges. The farm is linked to the place where it was born and developed, in particular to the old and native settlement of Colmurano, called “Castru Vecchiu” since Piceni’s time. This old settlement was just near the farm. For this reason, Castru Vecchiu has begone the name of Saputi’s first product range.

The organic farming

Moved by love for the land and for the vineyards, from April 2013, Saputi family began a transformation plan of his crops from conventional farming to organic farming.
In the years 2011 and 2012, Leonardo Saputi, head of the vineyards, had already begun to experience a biological management. In recent years, the indigenous grape varieties selected by the family have proved resistant to the major pests parasitic thanks also to the territory, the exposure of the vineyards towards the sun, the wind and the micro-climate.
Another reason that prompted the family to cultivate healthy and free from pesticides and chemicals, it is love, not only towards the vineyards, but also to their children and future generations.
In 2016 Saputi family will obtain certification and the ability to write on the label ‘organic product’.